VMS Trailer

An Overview of the Features and Benefits of a VMS Trailer

This article will give you an overview of the features and benefits of a VMS trailer. It will also discuss the different options available for your Variable message sign. Read on to learn about the different sizes and styles. Using a VMS trailer is a great way to display your message boards wherever you are. You can even connect your message board to the internet and control it remotely. So, get ready to take your message boards on the road with ease!

Variable message sign trailer

Variable message sign trailers have two basic types. The Full-Matrix provides graphics and three lines of text, and the Data Signs VMS features remote programmability, dual-system DMX control, and inbuilt satellite GPS tracking. These trailer-mounted message signs are built to comply with Australian Standards 4852.2:2009, and are available in single-colour Amber and 5-colour LED configurations. These trailer-mounted message signs are also compatible with a variety of power sources, including solar and wind.

The S1600-800 series variable message sign trailer is solar-powered and can run for 72 hours on a full charge. It features a programmable variable message display screen and is perfect for traffic control works at different locations. The solar panel and frame of the trailer can be customized to meet your specific needs. Once fully charged, this variable message sign trailer is ready to go. You can choose the size of the screen and solar panel and even add a tilt system.

Variable message board

A towable variable message board is a versatile and highly visible advertisement. Designed to be placed in high-traffic areas, it can be easily moved from one location to another. Some models even feature a built-in GPS and cellular wireless modem for remote message changes. Solar-powered models are also available, and many of these trailers come with high-performance batteries and chargers to maintain an uninterrupted electrical supply for the light bulbs even during periods of heavy use.

A portable variable message board is an excellent way to warn motorists of upcoming changes or dangers on the road. The signs are similar to road signs, and they can display a message in real-time. They are available in a variety of sizes and types to meet varying road conditions and locations. One type can even be rented from a company that provides yearly maintenance services for its products. Messagemaker Display is the leading provider of variable message boards in the UK.

Variable message board options

If you want to promote your event or business, variable message board technology can help you get your message to potential clients. This technology is available in many different configurations, with a VMS-HD being a prime example. This type of signage can show text, high-resolution images, video footage and even a live video stream. The VMS-HD is also a great choice for roadworks, as it allows drivers to see road works messages when they are approaching them.

Mobile and Fixed VMS are designed for use in many situations. Both are highly visible, versatile and portable. Mobile and Fixed VMS trailer are great options for relocating messages from one location to another. The All Traffic Solutions team has been serving law enforcement agencies for over two decades, providing traffic safety tools, such as radar signs, portable variable message boards, and message trailers. The VMS trailers are easily transportable and remote-managed to make it easier for local agencies to stay in control of their message boards.

Variable message board sizes

There are three different types of variable message boards (VMS) available for your VMS trailer. Each one is suitable for different purposes, and you should consider what you plan to use your VMS for before you make a purchase. If you plan to display advertising messages at a roadwork site, a Size A VMS will be suitable. These signs can be read from up to 100 metres away, and their character height should be 200mm.

The Verdegro company has developed three different models of variable message sign trailers for different applications. The company offers solar-powered amber VMSs, diesel-powered hydraulic trailers, and Full Color LED displays. Choose the one that best suits your needs. Listed below are some benefits of each type of VMS trailer. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. Once we have reviewed your specifications, we will get back to you with a quotation.